Cambodian Loose Wave


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Our Pretty Cambodian Loose Wave is the finest quality of Virgin hair.  This hair is silky and smooth with a beautiful texture. The texture resembles beach waves. It is naturally processed with no chemicals. The hair flows beautifully.

We recommend at least 3 bundles for a full look.

Caring For Your Loose Wave Hair
·         Condition (co-wash) your hair once every week and shampoo every other week with sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.
·         Let your hair air dry. If you use a hair dryer make sure it isn’t too hot and use a heat protectant. Due to the nature of this curl we do not recommend flat ironing the hair frequently. It could eventually lose its loose wave pattern due to heat damage.
·         Do Not use a lot of styling products. Use a light leave-in conditioner to keep hair from frizzing and retain the loose wave curl pattern.
·         Use a light sheen to keep hair moisturized and flowing