• Brazilian Curly (3a/3b Curl)


    Our Pretty Brazilian Curly is the finest quality of Virgin hair.  This hair is naturally curled with no chemicals to get this beautiful texture. Therefore, it's still in its purest form. It perfectly mimics and blends with 3a and 3b  curls. These spiral curls can only make a girl prettier!

    We recommend at least 3 bundles for a full look. PRICES ARE FOR 1 BUNDLE.

    Caring For Your Curly Hair
    ·         Condition (co-wash) your hair twice every week and shampoo every other week with sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. Deep condition hair and detangle hair while it is wet.Use a paddle brush or your fingers to detangle the hair. Brush/Comb hair from the bottom and go up in 2 inch increments every time until you get to the top of your weft.
    ·         Let your hair air dry. If you use a hair dryer make sure it isn’t too hot and use a heat protectant. Due to the nature of this curl we do not recommend flat ironing the hair or using heat. It could eventually lose its curly pattern due to heat damage.
    ·         Due to the nature of this curl you MUST keep the hair well moisturizes with a leave-in conditioner or curl activator to prevent tangling and/or frizzing.
    ·         Never sleep on wet hair!