• Brazilian Body Wave Clip-In Hair


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    Our Pretty Brazilian Body Wave Clip-In Virgin Hair Extensions are the finest quality of Virgin hair. This hair is silky, smooth and straight. This hair has the ability to create a nice sleek look. Clip in hair extensions offer an easy route to longer locks. They are a quick fix for people growing out their hair or simply a way to change your look. Choose the best length for you.

    Each extension set weighs 100 grams. Each set includes 7 pieces. They are extremely easy to apply.

    Clips Quantity:

    2 piece x 8"- 4 clips attached

    2 pieces x 6"-3 clips attached

    2 pieces x 4"- 2 clips attached

    2 pieces x 2"- 1 clip attached

    Caring For Your Brazilian Body Wave Hair Clip-In Extensions
    ·         Condition (co-wash) your hair once every week and shampoo every other week with sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.
    ·         Let your hair air dry. If you use a hair dryer make sure it isn’t too hot and use a heat protectant. To much heat styling can cause the hair to become drier.
    ·         Do Not use a lot of styling products. It will make the hair heavy and give you a greasy look.
    ·         Use a light sheen to keep hair moisturized and flowing