• Brazilian Blonde Body Wave


    Our Pretty Brazilian Blonde Body Wave Hair is the finest quality of Virgin hair. It is extracted from the hair donors. This hair is silky, thick and full of body. This hair has the ability to create a glamorous look. Hello Marilyn Monroe! This hair is truly for a fancy pretty girl. Choose the best length for you. This color is #613. It comes exactly the same color as the photos above.

    We recommend at least 3 bundles for a full look. THE PRICES ARE FOR 1 BUNDLE.

    Caring For Your Brazilian Blonde Body Wave Hair

    ·         Condition (co-wash) your hair once every week and shampoo every other week with sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.
    ·         Let your hair air dry. If you use a hair dryer make sure it isn’t too hot and use a heat protectant. Due to the nature of this color we do not recommend flat ironing the hair consistently. It could eventually lose its wave pattern and get drier due to heat damage. Remember this hair is colored therefore you should be very gentle to ensure that it doesn't become dry.
    ·         Do Not use a lot of styling products. It will make the hair heavy and give you a greasy look.
    ·         Use a light sheen to keep hair moisturized and flowing