• 13x2 Lace Frontals

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    These frontals last up to 1 year.

    What is a lace frontal?

    A frontal is a partial hair addition that only covers the front of the head, among which the lace frontal is the most popular one.

    Lace frontals are a preferred option for several reasons. This option allows the wearer to add hair in the least damaging way while protecting her own strands. Lace frontals are also considered a more affordable option since they tend to last much longer than regular sew-in weaves. In addition, lace frontals appear more natural. 
    You can apply the frontal with liquid/tape adhesive or weaving thread. They are so undetectable that no one will ever know it is not your natural hair.

    Caring For Your 13x2 Lace Frontal
    ·         Shampoo and condition the hair once a week with sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.
    ·         Do not apply conditioner to the base of the frontal. It can cause the frontal to unravel. Do not let any shampoo or conditioner build up on the top of the frontal. Please do not tug, and refrain from scratching and pulling the hair with your fingers or any flat irons or styling tools. This can cause hair from the base of the frontal to release thereby leading to thinning and balding areas in the frontal. Avoid plucking knots.
    ·         Do Not use a lot of styling products. It will leave the frontal heavy
    ·         Let the hair air dry or use heat protectant when using heat the hair.