How Many Bundles Should I Purchase?
Normally, it depends on your own discretion. However, we recommend that for 12"-14": 2 bundles, 16"-22": 3 bundles, 24"-28": 4 bundles or more for a full look. One bundle is 4 oz.

What is Virgin Hair?  
Virgin hair is 100% natural. Virgin hair has had NO chemical or processing alterations done to it. Virgin hair comes in its natural color and depends on the region the donor comes from; the ends of the hair may be a little lighter and will vary in color due to the sun. We do sell colored Brazilian hair which is NOT virgin hair since it has been processed.

***TIP***: If a hair company is selling "virgin" colored hair it is not true virgin hair.

What kind of payment options do we accept?
For customer payment safety and convenience, we accept online payment through Paypal and Visa/Master. If you are an international customer, the system will automatically convert the currency.
Can I Color The Hair?
Yes. Virgin Hair can be colored. The hair can be colored into light colors such as 27, 613. Yet, please take precautions when coloring your hair. Professional dye materials should be used and preferably a professional hair stylist should color the hair.
If I order wavy or curly hair can it be straightened? Will the hair stay straight or will the curls return?

Yes the hair can be straightened and will return to its natural curl/wave pattern. To return the hair back to its curl/wave pattern wet and gently scrunch the hair.
Can I swim with my Hair?
Yes. However, secure the hair appropriately and after swimming be sure to wash the hair from pool chemicals and treat it with a moisturizing conditioner. It’s better to air-dry the hair after washing. If you choose to blow dry the hair, then dry it on low heat.
How do I prevent unnecessary shedding to my hair?
Because the hair doesn’t naturally grow from your head, it is inevitable to avoid a little bit of shedding. Yet, many of our customers state that they barely experience any shedding. This is because we have strict quality control and avoid selling hair with loose wefts. Please check our HAIR CARE TIPS to better take care of your hair or ask your hair stylist for a better understanding of how to properly care for your hair.

What is Your Return Policy?
Pls check our Terms page. Thank you!

How to wash hair ?


Please refer to individualized hair care tips for your Pretty Girlz Hair Extensions!

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